Sunday, May 8, 2011

coca cola

I'm oddly excited to add another Coca Cola cap to my collection. Last weekend, Michael and the men in his family took their annual baseball trip, this year to Atlanta to see The Braves. It was Michael's first trip to ATL (I went back in the early 2000s to visit a friend) and I told him a must-see was The World of Coke. *

Now I admit that I don't remember getting a bottle of Coca Cola at the end of the tour, but apparently you do. And what do you get along with that bottle of Coke? An only available at the factory World of Coca Cola Bottle Cap. And who got their caps? Yours truly!  Apparently Michael learned all about the history of Coca Cola, how the secret formula is made ONLY in Atlanta, and then shipped out to different places all over the world, where they add their own water and sugar (or high fructose corn syrup, depending on where you are). And there are very few people who actually know the secret formula. Except maybe the folks at This American Life.

Anyway, this just feeds into the Coca Cola collection craze that so many people have. Slap a Coca Cola label on something, or the polar bear or Santa Claus, and people go nuts for it. One of my favorite reality shows is American Pickers, and I don't think an episode goes by without them seeing some sort of Coca Cola sign. (I've since learned that porcelain signs are the best, for reasons that escape me. A side note about American Pickers -- do you think they ever find bottle cap collections?!?  Do they want to sell said collections to me?? I'm so curious!)

So, fellow bottle cap collectors -- how many Coca Cola caps do you have? Do you seek them out?

* Michael will be guest blogging later this week about some of the crowns he got for me! This week is officially Atlanta week. Get pumped.

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  1. I do not know soda crowns but based upon the one place you can find this cap... it's probably pretty scare in peoples collections. I mean, a lot of people get this bottle at the end of the tour but who's nutty enough to hold onto the cap once that tasty elixir is drank?