Sunday, May 22, 2011

sparky's and frostop

I love a good root beer.  There are some days (few, admittedly) when I don't want a beer, I don't want wine, I don't want a mixed drink -- I just want a crisp, refreshing, and delicious root beer. After a shipment arrived from Old52 full of sodas with awesome crowns (I hope the folks in my office didn't hear me screaming with delight when that box arrived!), I figured I'd take home two bottles at a time and do a few taste-tests.

Sparky's (reviewed here at rootbeerreviews) had a lot of bite and not a lot of honey flavor, which I appreciate (that Sprecher's Creme Soda with the honey was all wrong!).

The bottle cap is a lot of fun.  Sparky's gives off an old-fashioned-but-hip vibe, with upper and lowercase letters and a funky red and white swirl design in the background, which doesn't take away from the name, but offers a kind of pharmacist feel. I know it hasn't been around that long, but it has a fun, old-timey feel.

The other root beer that I brought home was Frostop. This one is a diet root beer, and was sweeter (but not too sweet) and less bitter than the Sparky's. I know I shouldn't really be putting a diet up against a regular, but surprisingly, I liked the diet better. (I always like regular... )

The Frostop crown is also fun. Loopy fonts dominate the crown, which also boasts the brew year (in this case, 1926).  It also reminds us that more often than not, root beer is caffeine free -- which is quite nice for someone who can really drink caffeine only in the morning...

Over the next few weeks, I'll be reviewing a few more of the crowns gotten from Old52, and I'll be sure to note it in the tags.


  1. waaaay cool! I think Barq's is one of the only Root Beers w/ caffeine, Hence the "Barq's got Bite" slogan.

  2. Fun, aren't they? I have a whole box of drinks from Old52. Stay tuned!