Friday, May 13, 2011


Re-post! Blogger was down!

I'll admit it: When I was younger, I had a crush on Michael Stipe (my dreams have since been dashed). I even considered applying to the University of Georgia, Athens, just for the possibility of running into him on the street. All of the interviews I ever read with him talked about how he would just walk down the street like a normal dude in Athens, GA.

Well, now apparently he divides his time between NY, LA, and Athens and hey, I live in NY. I have never once seen Michael Stipe on the street. I have, however, seen his friend Mario Batali on more occasions than I care to count. If you wear orange Crocs and have bright red hair and are Mario Batali, you will stand out in a crowd. I promise you. He does it on purpose.

Anyway, Terrapin Beer is brewed and bottled in the lovely city of Athens. And it kind of makes me want to move to Athens all over again! Check out this bottle cap! It's green! It has a super awesome turtle! When Michael got it, he immediately texted me: "I think I found the next hall of famer" and he's right. There's just something exciting about a turtle splashing toward you on a bottle cap. And seriously, go to the website. There is a turtle chewing on straw and strumming a banjo. Have you all figured me out yet? Anthropomorphize an animal and you got me. Congratulations, Terrapin! You're officially in the HOF!

Terrapin has only been around since 2002, but it looks like they're doing well with their 40,000 square foot brewing facility. And they offer tours. All the more reason to go to Athens.

I also like that Terrapin offers charity options on their website, and seem to want to give back to the community. That is always a good sign of a small, local business.  Support your local ale house!

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