Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sprecher's beer

Oh my god! Another day of Sprecher? Well, I figured yesterday's post might have been a little long, with the sob story about our traveling woes, and worth breaking up Sprecher's into two days.

Sprecher's also offers a wide variety of beers, a few of which we sampled at their brewery. I tried the Special Amber, and Michael partook of the Pub Ale. We had a sizable tour group, it being Memorial Day Weekend and all, so the bar had pre-poured our samples. Luckily, they were both tasty.

Afterwards, Michael and I perused the gift shop. We bought one of every soda that we hadn't tried (see yesterday's post) as well as a Premium Reserve Triple Abbey Ale and their year round Hefe Weiss.

The interesting thing (I feel) about Sprecher is for all of the fun that they have with their soda bottle caps, they are pretty boring with their beer crowns. All of the beers, be they seasonal or regular, either just have the Griffon Crest (the griffon, by the way, is named Rooty) or no design at all. I noticed quite a few colored beer crowns, but with nothing on them! The premium reserve crown has the crest smaller, and with Premium Reserve on it, but there's no differentiation between beer lines. Sprecher, I am disappointed!


  1. hmmm... I think I disagree with you on this one. The only reason you feel that way about the Sprecher beer crowns is because you've only seen a couple of them. Sprecher has had some great crowns in the past a couple which come to mind are caps specifically referencing the Minnesota state fair (both black and white versions) as well as a crown for a special county event they brewed a unique batch for.

    long live the 16oz bottles... the change to 12oz sucks

  2. Hey Crowncap Kidd! I am still new to this collecting thing... so can only comment on what I know! But that is why I love having the blog -- folks like you can teach me new stuff! Fascinating about the special brews & Minnesota themes..