Sunday, May 1, 2011


Some of you know that I have an affinity for sheep. And you already know that I have an affinity for bottle caps. I am pleased to report that both of my obsessions have come together in perfect harmony with the German beer Lammsbräu.  

On my pilgrimage to New Beer Distributors (which I am sure will become weekly, monthly, or semi annually -- at least) on the Lower East Side,  I found Lammsbräu among the rows and rows (and rows) of domestic and foreign beer. Luckily, New Beer Distributors encourages mixing and matching, and I took that to heart and made a custom six pack. Being my first trip, I was a bit overwhelmed with the selection. Since I knew I had to carry any loot home without the help of a car trunk, or even a friend to help with the load, I needed to keep my purchases to a minimum, much to my dismay. It won't surprise anyone that all of the beers were purchased based solely on the bottle caps.  The prize of my custom-made haul was definitely Lammsbräu. 

I will admit, amazingly, that I actually like the bottle a bit better than the crown, ONLY because you can really see the sheep on the label. Perhaps blogger The Pour Curator would consider discussing the label! (I know it's not nearly as colorful as the labels he usually covers, but maybe a theme day of animals or Germany might be in order.)

I also noticed on this website that there is another version of their crown that is full-on sheep (go to "animals," and then click on "other").  If anyone can find me this bottle cap: EMAIL ME! laurenwalles (at) gmail (dot) com. Let's make a deal!  

I would also like to note that Lammsbräu also has an umlaut, which is awesome. They also promote sustainability and boast that their beers are organic. Bonus points all around. (Can you tell it doesn't take much to get on my good side?)  

Lammsbräu, based entirely on your mascot (if you want to call it that), you have officially made it into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations! 

As a side note, I will try to mention when I blog about a bottle cap found at New Beer Distributors or at least will make sure to tag the entry as such. 

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