Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Recently, I found an Italian specialty store close to my office. I stopped in on the way back from a business lunch and found quite a few bottled beverages with bottle caps. sThe best part? The option to purchase individually OR as 6-packs.

The first one I purchased was Yoga's Peach Nectar.  Surprisingly tasty, Yoga Nectar has a bright, simple bottle cap, and is unusual in that it's not your typical beverage: not a beer, not a soda, not a water!  Who knew that you could get a nectar with a crown...

I also didn't realize that nectar is an Italian thing... I see it all the time in supermarkets (but in much larger containers than I got). Or at least Yoga Nectar is Italian.  I don't think it was a beverage that has caught on widely in the US. What does one use nectar for? Can I mix it with seltzer? That might be tasty! If you have any recipes, let me know!

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