Monday, May 23, 2011


A few weeks ago, I was invited to a birthday party in Williamsburg, aka hipster central. Home of the skinny tie, ironic moustache, NYC food truck scene, and trucker hats (are those still popular?), Brooklyn also has its fair share of micro brew sodas and beers.

Saranac, an Upstate NY brewery does a bit of both: beer and soda, that is. And soda is what I found on that fated day in Williamsburg. An Orange Cream, to be precise. Tasting a bit like an orangicle, it was way too sweet for me, so I handed it over to Michael to finish.

But Saranac also makes beer! I think I've mostly had Saranac beer on tap in finer establishments across the city, but thankfully, due to a recent shipment of admittedly awesome bottle caps by the Crowncap Kidd, I also have a bottle cap for the beer (thanks!).

So, readers, lets compare and contrast.

Personally, I am leaning toward the beer crown. Classic and simple in design, the beer crown doesn't need to fuss with bells and whistles. It is here, and it is making a statement. The soda crown, however, is slightly easier to read from a distance, and also offers a bit of history (established in 1888? Well done!).  They also kindly state that you are about to have a soft drink. No alcohol to be found in this bottle. (thumbs down!)


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  1. Thanks for the mention. Funny thing... last Wednesday 5/18/11, Fred Matt, owner of "Saranac/Utica Club/Matt's" was in Albany doing a meet and greet. I was able to gather my Matt's Brewing crowns and blow his mind with real time images of bottle caps from the last 85 years.

    I'm going to let the cat out of the bag... through my conversation with Fred, new Saranac caps are right around the corner!