Monday, May 2, 2011

dogfish head

A few years ago, I read an article about Dogfish Head  and its founder Sam Calagione in the New Yorker Magazine. It really went into the  man behind the brew, and how difficult (and rewarding) it is to brew your own beer and sell it in the U.S.  Microbreweries have to compete against the big guns (Miller, Budweiser, Coors, etc) and also have the added difficulty of being in a country that was "watered down" by Prohibition, which has made it difficult to sell full bodied, rich, exciting beers.

Dogfish Head is an unusual brewery that has NYC in its corner. You can't walk into a deli or grocery store in the city without seeing at least one of Dogfish's signature brews available. Many bars have it on tap. Until I read the New Yorker article, I didn't quite realize how difficult it is to be a brewery in this country. And it reminded me (again) of how lucky I am to live in a place that offers such variety in beverages.

I will admit: until I took a really good look at the bottle cap, for some reason, I thought the fish had an actual dog head on it. Maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Or maybe it was the power of suggestion. But really. Look at the bottle cap! It's a shark!

Dogfish Head's slogan is "Off centered stuff for off centered people" which I think on some level, applies to me and others who have similar interests. I'm glad to know that the weird kids really are taking over the world in some ways. Let's start with the beer. Cheers, Dogfish Head!

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