Thursday, May 19, 2011

stevens point brewery

You have those weeks, right? Ones where you don't want to come home and make dinner. All you want to do is order food and crack open a beer. Said week was last week, and it ended up being takeout Thai food and a Whole Hog Russian Imperial Stout from Stevens Point Brewery.

A beer that was procured at the ever-wonderful New Beer Distributors on the LES, Whole Hog is not one of my favorite beers, unfortunately. And sadly, even though it has promise, I'm not a huge fan of the bottle cap either.

A dark green with a curiously dark pig running across, Whole Hog had the potential to be an awesome cap. But the pig is... hard to explain... but just not cool. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something about this crown that turns me off. The pig looks like it just rolled around in dirt. It's just too dark and I can't get behind the Whole Hog. Maybe I secretly want it to be more like Porkslap Beer (of which I don't have a crown, but often see their beer cans around the 'hood.)  Do you have any thoughts on Whole Hog, or crowns that failed to live up to what you wanted them to be?


  1. I have to disagree on this one... IMO this is one of the cooler US caps to come along in a while, certainly the most graphic beer crown from Steven Point. As far as the pig looking like it just rolled in dirt, well... it's a PIG.

    The beer is a very strong stout... I'm not sure how well that would pair with Thai food.

  2. @Crowncap Kidd - Hmm. Maybe it is just that I want it to be lighter (the background maybe?) that might make all of the difference to me!