Tuesday, May 10, 2011

leinie's summer shandy

Well, this just makes me want to have a bbq in the back yard with a bunch of frosty brews, some good friends and some great music. Who doesn't think of that when there is a lemon on your bottle cap?

Leinie's Summer Shandy is self-described as "perfect for those sun-splashed summer months" and based on the crown, I couldn't agree more! For those who don't know what a Shandy is -- including me, up until about 10 minutes ago -- it's a mixture of beer and lemonade...an Arnold Palmer for grown ups. Um, awesome.

Leine's is clearly trying to make a statement, and their message is coming across loud and clear.  It's better than a straight-up Malt beverage (Zima? Mike's Hard Lemonade?) but not quite a full-on beer. It reminds me of that new wine that is out there: Mommy-Juice. Juice for grown-ups...um, also awesome...or maybe not really....Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one a bit more....

Anyway, the next time you're invited to a cookout or going camping but are reluctant to bring a six pack, Leinie's Summer Shandy might be the best in-between drink. The Arnold Palmer for the 21-and-up crowd. With less caffeine.

And for those of you wondering: what on earth does this have to do with Atlanta? Leinie's is based in Wisconsin! Well, it's simply that this lemony crown was brought back to me from said Atlanta trip.  Don't worry. There are some other local breweries coming your way.

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